About Black Greyhound Media

True to its dog-based logo, Black Greyhound Media’s motto is "Poetry not for pussies." Established in 2000 by poet Brian Daly, Black Greyhound Media is based in Nashville, Tennessee—a town known for the straight-shootin’, heartfelt lyrics of country music. Black Greyhound Media carries on that tradition with honest, passionate books by poets who hold nothing back.

Black Greyhound Media represents a clean break with the bund of timid publishers and the usual crop of drab, milquetoast volumes. With a recent book by Dan Powers, a standout in the United States of Poetry TV series on PBS, Black Greyhound Media keeps restoring the vitality and urgency that poetry lost, after the Beats, in the last century.

Black Greyhound Media poets are not afraid to use the language, situations, and forbidden thoughts of real life. Readers will instantly recognize a dimension in this poetry that has been missing from the American literary scene for too long, a dimension that speaks to their own experience of life in all its unglamorous beauty.

Those looking for the politically correct—in either politics or poetry—need not enter here. But to those hungry for pictures of life as it's really lived: Welcome!






Black Greyhound Media
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"A press dedicated to condemning all that is effete and precious in contemporary poetry."

—Nashville Scene